1) add Scan of Job Number then add scan of each items to Job. 2) Scan shipping label and scan items to each

5 users.

1st user scans in Job numbers and adds scanned Item’s

2nd user scans in Shipping label and scans items from 1st as shipped(matching items)

3rd users scans items as received

4th user/behavior tracks/reports and emails if shipped has not been received

5th views all jobs scanned vs shipped vs delivered

I have created 4 tables

  1. Jobs table with Job Number scans
  2. Items4Processing table related to scans of each item by JobsId
  3. Shipping table with Shipping scans
  4. ItemsShipped table related to scans of each item by ShippingId

I can scan in Job numbers and Shipping labels and add related items.


  1. Scan to add Job Number (Ex JobScan01)
  2. Select scanned Job Number
    a) scan all items related to Job (Ex ItemScan01,ItemScan02)
  3. Scan Shipping barcode (Ex ShippingScan01)
    a) scan all items related to Job (Ex ItemScan01,ItemScan02)Items should be assigned to a Job number and a shipping label

How can I track each item with its Job number and Shipping label?
items | Job Number | Shipping Label | Status | Last Updated
Item01 | JobScan01 | ShippingScan01 | 1st Scan | 06/01/2020 4:00 pm
Item02 | JobScan01 | ShippingScan01 | In Transit | 07/01/2020 4:00 pm

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