1 Hour App Build - Workplace Safety

I recently recorded myself building an app from scratch, and finally got around to posting the video. For anyone interested in an example of the first hour of building an app, here’s 1 hour of a workplace safety app being built (sped up to fit in a 30min video).

Anything you would have done differently? Have you created anything similar?

Here’s the workplace safety sample app I made you can follow along with

This app is designed to help team members throughout a workplace easily identify physical safety or other health risks, collaborate with team members to help confirm or add additional details, and then give everyone the tools to help resolve as quickly as possible.

Some examples where this may be relevant include large retail stores, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, etc. The primary goal is to make sure employees have a safe environment and they feel like any concerns raised will be quickly resolved.


Thank for your tips on App making that help in safety workplace