1.How Virtual Column Change Real Column,2.Sync Question

1.How Virtual Column Change Real Column
I have 1 Real Column(Status Result), 1 Virtual Column(RealTime status)
I set time 10:00AM timenow 9:00AM Virtual:ok Real:ok
wait. to timenow 10.05AM>>
set time 10:00 AM timenow10.05AM Virtual:Late Real:ok
how to make Real Column value change automatic ?

I’m try to link [Real Column] formula [Virtual Column]
but Real Column only changes when I’m editing and save the form.

I’m try to fix problem by use behavior click

2.Sync Question :
when i set time 10:00AM , TimeNow 9:00AM , Virtual Status:OK
set time 10:00AM, TimeNow 10.05AM, Virtual Status:OK << not change to Late automatic
Have way to make Virtual status change? ( default sync 30min)
have way to sync automatic 5 minute , 10 minute ? or pro plan have sync ?

Thank you

You’ll have to use an action, triggered by a button press, a view event, a workflow, or a scheduled report.

There is no way to change the automatic sync interval.

See also:


This might be of help…


Thank you very much >< . , I will try to do this tomorrow ^^

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Thank you sir :slight_smile:


You are quite welcome. (^_^)

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