1. How would I set up an app so it take regi...

(Shaun Pritchard) #1
  1. How would I set up an app

so it take registration info and has a user specific profile for every person that has the app installed? I have and app google sheet called Users that collects all the required info but I don’t want other users seeing all of the other users name just their own. how do I personalize a simple sheet

to do this. Please advise

[columns ] First name, Email, Profile image. I need them to there own profile and not be able to select others members??

  1. Also I need to count every time the select take an image from another sheet?
(Mark Tuckey) #2

I believe you set this up under the security tab section. There should be a instructions on how to set it up in the support area. search “Security Filters”.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

For #1, the table’s security filter would be [Email] = USEREMAIL()

For #2, there aren’t any counters for expression evaluation. You could count the number of times the value of an image column changed (using a ChangeCounter column type)