100+ questions with 4-6 fields for each question

I have been assigned a task to create a mobile app for a paper based checklist, and while researching the topic, came across Appsheet, and that might be the right tool for the app.

The paper based checklist have some 100+ questions, divided into some 20+ sections.

Each question have 4 to 6 fields to be filled out, some are ‘pass/fail’, some are additional comments, and some are measurements taken for the current question.

I have watched several of the tutorial videos, but have not found any examples that looks like what I need in order to make our current paper based checklist into an Appsheet app.

All other features the app would need I have managed to find example of, and I believe I can make that work. I am just stuck on how to structure my primary excel sheet so that I get all the fields for all the questions.

Does anyone have a pointer to an example that might guide me in the right direction?

hello and welcome!!

Can you provide some example of the data (questions and sections) and what exactly you need to collect from customers?

Here is one example where a measurement is taken:

And here is one more example:

Hi @roluko
Have you had a look at the Oil rig inspection sample apps?


Yes, I have had a look at that sample app, but could not see how to adapt it to what I need. I could not figure out how to create a final report for one complete inspection, and could not figure out how all the forms work together. I agree, it might be a starting point, but it would be helpful with some more explanations as I am not familiar with appsheet yet - just created a trial account a few days ago.

Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but here is how I understand it.By the way I totally remember when I started out how everything looked complicated so just keep going!!

So the inspection part can be filled by the dispatch. It could also be linked to a reference tab via dereferencing (enum and enum list) where they select what has to be done. The rest of the info will be filled by the tech. You can even based on the answers ask different questions. Example: if the test is a pass then the job is done, if it is failed what are the corrective actions… I forgot to add in the picture the tech name column and tech email column.

If all your rows are the same as in your sample, one option is to use EnumList column with options OK, Fail, Action Done, S.R.O. and After Job Check. You need to validate selections for example that Ok and Fail are not possible at the same time. This way your column amount would be much smaller.