12/10/19 Office Hours


SmartSheet Project Plan with Ty:

Creator shout out to @Suvrutt_Gurjar for the post on Forcing one-to-one database relationships

If you have any additional questions you’d like answered, please leave them in the thread below. We’ll do our best to answer all them.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi! First just wanted to say. A great job on the Office Hours today! I really loved how you kept things time-boxed and on track.

My favorite feature covered was the Undo/Redo functionality plus the new Save button. I feel these are important steps in the right direction to aide us developers in efficient creation and editing of applications.

I do have a suggestion for your Office Hours agenda - add into the schedule a discussion on one or two of the more advanced topics or maybe just into more depth. For example, a couple I have seen repeatedly recently are saving of files and accessing images.


Thank you for the timely discussion of team management. Appreciate the improved “Save” features.

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@Phuong at Minute 42:23 you are using a really long expression for the [Meeting end time] column.
Why don’t you use just:
IF([Duration] = 30 , [Meeting start time] + "000:30:00" , [Meeting start time] + "000:60:00")

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Hi @Fabian,

Excellent call out! I implemented a similar expression to that above in prior iterations and were running into “…has inputs of an invalid type 'Unknown’” errors.

However after another look, I realized that we’d only need to set “000:60:00” to “001:00:00”. Updated the sample app with this expression:

IF([Duration] = 30 , [Meeting Start Time] +“000:30:00” , [Meeting Start Time] + “001:00:00”)

Appreciate the feedback!

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A question into smartsheet.
In the sample app when i view source i get a google sheet with data. however, when i run my own app i get the source as a smartsheet, any idea why?
Also, i can’t seem to see in the detail view the buttons for the task progress (Complete, in progress etc)

Hello. Sorry for the delay. If you are looking at the public sample, it should still be smartsheet. There could be some issues around authentication or similar, but it’s definitely smartsheet. Here’s a screenshot when I open a tab in incognito mode in Chrome and then look at the app:

As to your second question, did you actually COPY the sample, or simply rebuild it by hand. It wasn’t clear from your post.

Thank you.