12pm (noon) returning 00:00

I have a NOW() value in my app, which returns the correct values except for 12pm. For some reason it is returning 00:00 which could be confused with midnight. I have checked all the locale settings and they all correlate. The spreadsheet sees the correct value but appsheet then interprets it as 00:00. Is there a workaround for this?


Please provide a screenshot demonstrating the problem.

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Hi Steve,

Here is a screenshot of the issue, it appears that the am and pm may be getting mixed up somehow with the 12noon. I’ve not got any issues with time columns as they seem to work. The now() values have only been used in columns as a trigger for some actions so I don’t really need to see them. Just on this one occasion, I thought id have that now() visible in the app.

Spreadsheet with the now() values in 24hours

App seems to see those values

Thanks for your time,

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sorry i uploaded the wrong screenshot for the app times,

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That is confusing! I’m afraid I have no guidance beyond referring you to support@appsheet.com. I suspect locale settings, but I find locale settings a confusing mess, so I have no help to offer. :frowning:


Hey Steve, Thanks for that. Im sorry about the poor screenshots, not really much to go off, other than the 12pm time not matching up with anything else. My Locale is the same in app as is onthe google doc, i think it might be something deeper as all other times are correct. Ill try and make a much better screenshot when messaging support. :smile:

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To be clear, the problem you describe is confusing. Your screenshots are fine. :slight_smile:

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What is the formula for Attempted Contact column?

The attempted contact column is blank, its values are added via an action with the formula now().

I have just done a test and when the value is either 12:00 or 00:00 in the google sheet, it returns the value 00:00pm or 00:00am in app. Which is a bit weird as 00:00 to my understanding is midnight.

Its like the system is using 12hour clock but then decides to use 24hour for 12am and 12pm

If no performance issues will occur (small table), a display trick could be to create a visible virtual column that rewrites the time in a desired format, and hiding the original column.

Im not having any issues with time columns or anything like that its just the NOW()function. So a workaround like that would easily fix it, its just bizarre how its returns those values like that.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ya especially cause 00:00PM shouldn’t be a thing???