2 bots-delayed sync

Delayed sync ON
I have 2 bots that have 2 diferent triggers but most of the time they get trigered one after another,
so bouth of them have 2 data actions:
First registres in a column the time the event is triggerd and in other column the user that triggerd.
Second copy some of the column rows (the 2 columns from first step too) into another sheet.
Separetly they work fine, when I trigger them imediatly one after the other the problems occur!
After the sync is done (in background), only the second bot that i triggers manage to register time and user columns, but they bouth copy de registered values in the other sheet…
If I could get some help here :slight_smile: (sorry for my english)
Thank You!

Delayed Sync does not affect the running of the Bots.

I will assume that these are Data Change Bots and they both trigger on the SAME row update?

AppSheet is a row processing system - meaning when any column is changed, the complete row is considered changed AND a COPY of the updated row is sent to the Bot for processing. If you have 2 Bots triggering at the same time, they BOTH get their OWN copy of the SAME row. This means any changes made in one Bot will not affect the other. Once a Bot makes its changes, those updates are written to the datasource. If 2 bots are updating the same column, then the last one written to the datasource wins - overwriting any changes applied before it.

If you are expecting the changes in the 2 bots to always be triggered at the same time, then the proper fix is to combine the steps into a single Bot.

UPDATED: I initially said 2 bots get the SAME row copy. I meant that they both get their own row copy of the SAME row.


That explication helps me a lot to understand what happens, so thank you!
Yes bouth bots are updating the SAME row :sweat_smile: .
But they have different events triggering them (users will triger bouth of them simultanly in 20-30% of the time), and i dont know yet how to work that into a single bot, but i will certainly try to.

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