2 level dependant dropdown lists

Hi everyone I have the following table and I need to fill another table pulling data from this one.
I use:
first column
Attendance[Attendance Category]

second column
Attendance[Attendance Type]

so they can de-ref
I need to fill up another third column as:

but I get a N/a result

Can someone help how to do a 3 level de-ref?

This doesn’t make very much sense, please elaborate. Are there expressions involved? What table are you dereferencing to and from? Are you sure you’re using the word “dereference” correctly?

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Thanx for your message Marc

you are absolutely right I mean Dependant Dropdown Lists 2 level

I will try to edit the name of the post.

So I want to list the first “Atendance Category” than depending on the selection “Attendance Type” and then depending also on the selection “Attendance” (as shown on the image attached)

how can I do this?

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Are you saying what is in this article is not working as it should?

Please provide screenshots of the appropriate column definitions.

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As you can See for the first column:
Acompanhamento[Categoria Atendimento]
Acompanhamento[Tipo Atendimento]

there’s an error on he last dropdown

Typically you’ll set up the choices in one Table, then the dependent drop functionality in 2nd Table. I’m not sure what the point of doing it like this is?

Nevertheless I just tried the same setup in a test app, and it seemed to work perfectly fine.





Hmm, wait a sec. “NaN” stands for “Not a Number”. You have some plus signs in the Atendimento column, is there by chance a Spreadsheet Formula in that column’s definition?

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No there’s nothing on the Spreadsheet formula…
and I removed all signs and numbers and left just letters

What if you overrode the automatic dependent dropdown functionality, put this into valid_if for Atendimento column:

SELECT( Acompanhamento[Atendimento] , AND( [Categoria…] = [_THISROW].[Categoria…] , [Tipo…] = [_THISROW].[Tipo…] ) )

This did not come from AppSheet:


Highlight ALL cells of all rows below the last cell with a value, then press Delete.

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HI Steve,

I done what you requested and still no go…

Oh wait, you ARE working with 2 separate tables. What was with the first spreadsheet that you screenshotted in your first post?

Change it to [_THISROW].[Acompanhamento]

please disregard the first image on the first post, it was just a sample table that I copied from the real one and translated the column names for you to better understand… I already deleted this table

the real one is the one on the last pictures

The formula works, but the field for “Atendimento” doesn’t show up after all the above options are selected

I am out of ideas, sorry.

thanx any way man… I appreciate the effort

Any idea Steve?

Something’s wrong with your spreadsheet(s). In all of your worksheets, delete all unused rows and columns (don’t just blank them, actually remove them using right-click). Then Regenerate Structure for every table of your app.

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I’ll do better, I will build the tables from scratch and start over these 2 tables.

I’ll let you know how it goes

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