2 random questions - is the word "service" us...

(Segolene Sansom) #1

2 random questions - is the word “service” used as something in appsheet as i often have problems with tabs which names are service where all of a sudden appsheet thinks the tab has been removed, renamed etc when its not the case. and it’s happen with 2 completely different apps that the only thing they have in common is a tab called “Service” I generally can go around it by copying the tab and calling it service1 but still wondering why this is happening?

Also i’ve updated an excel spreadsheet today and checked that the updates have come through on the office365 online however when i go to create a new app and select this spreadsheet it is using the spreadsheet as it was yesterday…

any help on one or both of these issues would be much appreciated.

(Anthony Nel) #2

If you look in the url of Google Sheet

you will see #gid=number, which only changes if you delete the sheet and rec-create it. Renaming the sheet does not change the “GID”, so your app will still refer to the old name. The best thing to do is to refresh the Table Schema after you have changed anything.