2 Virtual Column Questions: 1st) Is it possi...

(Joshua Giles) #1

2 Virtual Column Questions:

1st) Is it possible for there to be a virtual column that just has 2 buttons that controls the other columns “Show IF” formulas? This wont be a setting partitioning in that each form is unique. In addition I don’t need to capture this data on my back end and I’m trying to clean up those tables.

Can I create a virtual column that acts as a “detail column” which only appears to explain a previous selection. Currently I have an “explanation” column that references a paragraph explaining what each button means (i.e. user selects “red” on the priority level, I want to let my user know what red actually means before they submit the form - Red happens to be reserved for only our most critical priorities and I don’t want them unknowingly selecting red priority for every selection). Currently, this column has a ShowIF formula that only appears if the corresponding button is selected and has a ref formula referencing the detail. The problem is that these descriptions are actually pretty long relatively. I also don’t need this data inputted into my back end table every time (I already know those descriptions).

I’m worried that if these paragraph descriptions are uploaded to my back end table every time it will bloat my table and slow down performance.

Any clever work around to these problems are also accepted. :smiley:

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

#1 - I’m afraid you can’t create control buttons with the virtual column because they are read only columns… for calculations. #2 - You can use either normal Show type field or virtual column for this purpose. Then it would not save any additional data to your database.