2 way sms workflow

I need to send 3000 sms to employees every hour to make sure they are ok by them replying back to the sms and if possible, get their location.
I will use a twillio acount as i’m outside the USA.
Can appsheet be used to receive the return sms or do i need something else?

I’m afraid you would need to use 3-party service for that purpose. The SMS should write a record into your database and that you can connect to your app. Do you need to save all replies as a new record or could you update an existing one?

Idealy would be to save records rather than updating. So what i thought was to:

  1. Use twillio to send SMS
  2. Use twillio and Zapier to collect replies
  3. View replies in the App.

Any easier way?

You could probably use Appsheet API as well. Are you going to receive 3000 replies every hour as well? 8 hours per day and 5 per week?


For this project my company used already another App, but the idea is instead of installing an App for all employees in a massive project to be able to send them a SMS every hour for 24 hours a day for the duration of a project for several days.

3000employee * 24hours * 7days * 4weeks=2.000.000 records. You would need a SQL database connection for that amount of data.

I will probably do that, if i can find the right way to accomplish my plan, how can the appsheet API help me?

I would try to find a good receipt for example from IFTTT or Zapier that could save SMS messages to spreadsheet. Then you could use that as a data source for your app.