24 Hour Time for Forms


I have looked through forums to see if this has been asked previously, and while I can find topics that relate to this matter, nothing that really answers my question.

Is it possible to use 24 hour time for forms? If so, how can it be achieved?


I was looking for this just 2 days ago. My research showed that:

  1. There is no way to force 24 hour time to be input.
  2. A form will recognize 24hr time, or 12hr AM/PM without having to change any settings.
  3. Time display can (will?) depend on spreadsheet locale, table locale, and/or device locale.
  4. You can force time to be displayed in 24 hour time by manually constructing a text string, in another column, with HOUR() and CONCATENATE(), etc.
  5. EDIT: reminder from Steve about one other research result. The following formula should format to 24 hour time:

TEXT(TIME([Date Time Entered]),“HH:MM”)