250k rows in DB only shows first 1k in deployed app


I’m using DreamFactory as my datasource with great success. Now, I’ve deployed my app but am only getting the first 1,000ish rows from my table. My table has over 250,000 rows in it but I only need to have the option to work with about the latest 1,000.

Is there a way that I can tell AppSheet to retrieve my data in descending order rather than the default?

Sorting the view doesn’t effect the underlying, original, call for data.

If you can make a view in your database that is just a SELECT * FROM TABLE ORDER BY " " DESC then that should work otherwise you could use a security filter if you have a sequential ID or using a Load date to approximate your range to reduce the working set to a number that you can then filter by a slice.

What would the expression be in the security filter for a descending sequential ID?

(If you are making a view you can also use LIMIT 1000)
[RowNumber]<1000 should work