3d scanning mobile application

hello guys, please i need some asistance. can i use Appsheet to create a 3d scanning mobile app? or is there a nocode tool i can use to do it? thanks and i look forward to hearing with you. cheers.

What do you expect to be able to do after doing 3D scanning?
It sounds like a cool use case but I would think it’s too specialized to be made available In AppSheet.

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Hello bellave, I want to develop a mobile app that turns the pictures I take into 3d models, just like the 3d scanner on samsung note 10.


At this point, it’s not supported. You can turn this into a feature request but not sure how it will be prioritized.


Ok thanks a lot, do you recommend any nocode too that can do the trick? Or I will have to code it myself. If yes, can you recommend what to use. I’m a beginner.

I’m sorry I don’t know any nocode tool that could help you. You could investigate flutter.io or other code solutions. Good luck.


Ok thanks a lot. Will do that :nerd_face: