404 Error with viewing a file

Had a user today report that his file links were not working with 2 documents. When I investigate 1 of the documents it loaded for me without doing anything so I’ll throw that error out to glitch, momentary internet problem, etc. The other file however did not load when I tried to open it. The file was in my google drive correctly but I had a + and a - in there as well as a double space. I have these in plenty other files that work just fine but since this issue was going to be visible to our CEO in a few moments I went for the quick checks of file name being an issue and deleted the + and the -. This seems to have remedied the error. Any one have ideas as to why this would have happened on one file but not on any others? I have about 2,000 files total and around 400 have both + and - in file name and work fine.

Bad URL encoding, sounds to me, which would be a bug. Find a reproducible case and let support@appsheet.com know,

Interesting development I haven’t been able to replicate it with different file names so far but currently if I open the file in appsheet I get a different file; both files are named very similarly but different enough for file explorer to know the difference when I copy and paste my file name into it. To support I go I guess. Did not expect these results. Didn’t expect to be able to re-produce it at all.

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