500 Error When Launching App


I keep running into this error when my users try to use the app.

I have already regenerated structure, had them install and reinstall, clear cache and still this problem persist. Is this a localized issue or a system wide issue and what can I do? Thanks!

Better to drop mail to support@appsheet.com

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The error messages are inidicating a “Google drive Internal Server Error…while reading docid=Unknown”.

It seems AppSheet doesn’t know which document in Google to use as the datasource.

Were any changes made in Google with the datasource document?

If you go into the Data->Tables tab, expand the Table and look at the Storage settings, what does it look like? It should be something similar to the image below.

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When I try to input the source path for google, it doesn’t take. here is what mine looks like. But yes I’ve tried regen, refresh, reputting the google source path etc…

I suggest you reach out to support@appsheet.com for help with this.

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I just sent out a support email from my customer account.

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Ah, customer account. You are a co-author then?

I believe, based on other postings, that only the app owner can add datasources.

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Only team datasources can be added by non-owners. I have this issue with an app I co-author.

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I used the wrong terminology. I am the app owner and account owner. By customer account I meant the email I used to register on appsheet for pro services.

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Ok then. I agree with @Steve suggestion to contact support. But please post back here once the source of the problem is found so we can ll learn from it.

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Does Appsheet answer their emails? I have reached out before with no luck on another issue. Can anyone attest to this?

Yes, I have had good response times from them and have never gone without an answer. It does depend on availability. I know there other posts they were responding to earlier today - I saw the conversation here in the community.

While you are waiting, if you can elaborate what you meant by the statement below, maybe we can help drill in a bit more?

Maybe some screen capture or video of where it goes wrong?

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Notice on your example, the source path has something in there and mine says “Select a source”? When I try to reset that source, it does not update.

Yes, I noticed that. But the question is if you are able to correctly access the sheets. Maybe give this a try below.

Here’s an example with an app I copied to help with.

Source dropdown and choose “browse for more data”:

The “GET DATA FROM” screen appears so I can select location I used in past:

Choosing Google, I get the following screen. Note that I cannot navigate anywhere else on My Drive.

If I back up to the “GET DATA FROM” screen and choose “New Data Source”. I am presented with a list of sources to choose from. Choosing Google and then re-authenticating, (NOTE I needed to do this twice) I can now navigate within the Google drive to choose additional workbooks to add to the app as Source Paths or re-select the original source.

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Negative. When I attempt to replicate your steps, I cannot access my drop down list from replicating your actions. I just get “Get new data source” and then “Google” If i click on “google” nothing opens for me.

Up date for all.
The app was trying to access an xslx excel file…by converting it into a standard excel file, I was able to access the tables and reset the paths. My app is online.