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Hi all,


I am pasting the above link for 2 videos I uploaded temporarily to my personal website, because this forum doesn’t allow video uploads. Here you will see a weird bug in AppSheet. In video 1, you will see that, I have created a chart based on data from a table called “Surgical Logbook”. I have used multiple expressions to filter out the data in it in order to build the chart. The user can customise the chart as they want by selecting which variable/variables the chart should show. The chart works fine most of the time. But when I select (A) option from the [Level of Supervision] enum column, the data pertaining to that is shown properly in the Virtual columns (‘Uneventful’, ‘Grade I’, ‘Grade II’, ‘Grade IIIa’ etc.) as you can see, and the chart also gets built accordingly, but after a few seconds the chart details of the (A) option disappear leaving only the other chart details intact.

Video 2 also shows a similar error I noted which I brought in to Steve’s attention yesterday.

It’d be great if you could shed some light into this behavior. Thank you.

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Looks like AppSheet has issues when an Enum option is written as ( A ) or ( P ), when I removed the (), it worked okay. You can consider the issue solved :slight_smile:

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