A certain column keeps disappearing-possible bug

I have been experiencing a specific column that disappears randomly, its a ref with a valid if expression. I have to restore my app multiple times today…?

Hi @Rod Could you please supply more info including screen shots of col definition and your valid if.

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Hi Lynn,

I want the ref to show only the ID’s that match the value in THISROW.
It works, then after I’ve been working in the app for awhile, I save and
the column disappears.

Here are the snapshots:

the ref

The valid if

the slice that it points to



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Hi @Rod,

Thanks you for the details. I believe you may also wish mention what happens when the column disappears. Does is not appear in certain views? Or in the drop downs it does not show any options? You may also give some more details of the child table structure where this column is referenced.

Thanks Suvrutt_Gurjar, I failed to look at the table to see if the column was removed, this could be a Google issue as well. When/if it occurs again I’ll be more of a detective.

Thanks again.


I do not see any clarification of WHERE, i.e. what views, you are seeing the column disappear.

Be aware that in Detail views, if the column is empty or becomes empty the default behavior is that it will not be shown. If you prefer it to always show even when empty, set the Show_If expression to “true”.