A co-worker is having an issue with Outlook E...

(Camille P) #1

A co-worker is having an issue with Outlook Explorer and time fields. She started a form submission, and the app won’t accept it because of the time format. The app won’t sync and is stuck.

The app is otherwise working as it should for other users on their computers. How do I clear this cycle on her computer?

Thanks, Camille

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Camille_P Hi Camille, is the app stuck in the middle of the sync? Could you give us a screenshot? Also, to investigate this problem, we will need your account ID and the name of the app. Thank you.

(Camille P) #3

Yes. It is stuck in the middle of a sync, but only on this one computer. Actually, I don’t want it to complete the sync on this one computer if possible. Will cache clearing help? I’m afraid existing data will be overwritten.It is account ID 35093, the RSVP Request form. (Above I meant Internet Explorer, not Outlook explorer :slight_smile:

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Camille_P Hi Camille, what was the time format that your co-work was using? Was it dd/mm/yyyy? Also, what was the locale/language setting of the browser?

Normally, if you do not want to throw away local changes, you will need to put the app in recovery mode. This will allow your co-worker to complete the sync. The unsaved changes will not be written directly to the spreadsheets. Instead, it will be saved to a temporary recover folder in the app’s root folder. You can then retrieve the changes from the recover folder and add them to the spreadsheets. You can read more about how to use recovery mode in the last section of this article:

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