A Couple Function Questions

Is there a function best used for auto filling data? For example, if I enter the SKU from one table I want it to auto fill the company, company logo, product name, and product image.

If that isnt possible I know I saw some functions that limit data in drop downs. ie. After selecting company A the product line will only show their products. I just cant find it again.

And, again I’ve seen this before and cant find it, is there a function where I can “move” information between menu options. When blending is done and hits save the data auto fills the pertinent info for production, then to shipping and so on.

And lastly, is there a function to ‘hide rows’ of a completed task?

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These guys just talk in circles or gloss over the “easy” stuff. I’m about to throw in the towel all together. Is there another way to find any useful information? I’ve literally been stuck on the same problems for weeks.

Other than reading the documentation? Every one of your questions is answered in those docs I replied with.

Ok then I’m not seeing the same things in the article. It says where to put the expression but no way of knowing what to put there. I’ve error’d out so many times today trying to follow documents and videos. I’m just looking for actual expression not ‘there are expression that can be used’.