A different XY Map Image per 'level'

I’m trying to link an asset to a floor and display an XY on a floorplan
I have a table ‘Level’ to which I can add a level name (eg: “Level 1”) and load a Floorplan.
I have a table “Asset” where i want to add an Asset to a Level and display an XY Floorplan and drop pins on it to show the location on the floor

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I have done the same thing, check the above thread for a solution

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i’m not sure that i can get it to work, can you share your app?

I have approx 100 buildings, all with different number of floors.
So when I create an “Asset” I want to select the Building, then the Level, have the XY select the correct floor plan.

I was thinking of creating a table with the background image links “https//”
and some how when I select Bld 1, Level 1, then display the correct background image.