A duplicate request is already in progress


I know the error that shows up when trying to refresh seems self explanatory, but I don’t really get it.
Which part of the request is duplicate? The act of Sync-ing? in the sense that there are two users trying to sync? couse that’s not it…
Nor is the thing that is being synced.

What do I tell the users in order to avoid this from happening?

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How long does it take to sync the record?

When this appears (it only showed up twice), it doesn’t sync at all. And I hit go back, and then try to sync again and it’s the same thing again and again. Maybe after 20-30 minutes I tried again and it synced without giving that error again.


Any new insights on this messege?
(It’s not really an error but i still don’t know to what it reffers …)

Can Someone help me

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See topic "“A duplicate request is already in progress.” in this article https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/962247-errors-during-sync


I see, so when I sync and get this message it means that the app is still working on the last sync I just made (not some other users) … and so that suggests that there must be some things making the sync really slow for that user.
I’ll pay attention next time I get a report from a user about this message, I’ll try to see what is doing that.