A feature that would not allow selection of multiple rows

I would like to ask for any knowledge as stated above.

I have a virtual column that would identify the Status of a transaction.
I want them to have only one “PROCEEDING” status instead of multiples.

Any inputs are very well appreciated regarding this matter.

Also, the image below may give you an insight into the issue I encounter.


So in the equation for [Task Status] your going to have to use something like MAX() coupled with maybe the creation date so that only the most recent row is “Proceeding”

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Thank you for this. But max will only give the one highest row as defined. But what I need are the following view.

  1. If already have the “Proceeding” in its value, cannot edit another row with “Unacted” status.
  2. Can still view the list available the table view even task status was changed to “Proceeding”.

Hope I explain myself well.

No you’ve completely lost me there. Try to explain again but be more descriptive

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All this task that is shown below belongs to one person only.

My goal is a person could only process one activity at a time.

The problem is that the person tends to select multiple activities without completing any of that prior selection made.

You want to limit there to only be a single record per person with a status of “Proceeding”, correct?

What is the App Formula for this VC? How does a user change a record’s Status?

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Heres the formula:
=if(isnotblank([Crew_location]),“Task Complete”,if(isnotblank([Onsite_location]), “On Site”, if(isnotblank([Proceeding_location]),“Proceeding”,“Unacted”)))

I created a launcher that had 3 Apps inside (looking in same database).
These Apps tags every activity they have with the following order:

  1. Proceeding - Used when they are going to the assigned task.
  2. Onsite - Used when they arrive on site.
  3. Task Complete - When all Field Activity was done.

Then the cycle continues in this manner.

So it appears that filling in the [Proceeding_location] column is what you need to limit, when there is already a “Proceeding” record for the user? There are likely a few different ways to accomplish this, here is what comes to my mind first.
I’ll assume you have a column called [User], in the same table.

Set Editable_If for the [Proceeding_location] column to:

  ISBLANK( [Onsite_location] ) , 
      table , 
        [User] = [_THISROW].[User] ,
        [Status] = "Proceeding" ,
        [key-column] <> [_THISROW]

Additionally, I would inform you of the IFS() expression, instead of using nested IF()s like you are. You can transform your status column expression to:

  isnotblank([Crew_location]),“Task Complete” ,
  isnotblank([Onsite_location]), “On Site” ,
  isnotblank([Proceeding_location]),“Proceeding” ,
  TRUE , “Unacted”


Thank you so much @Marc_Dillon!

These really help a lot.