A few noob questions re offline capabilites and one user - multiuser

Just discovered appSheet and wanted to know the following:

  1. Can AppSheet apps work offline for viewing and saving new changes?
    example: staff adds assets to asset tracker, inputing data and taking pictures , while completely offline. Then goes back to office where there is internet to sync everything up

  2. I’m much better at MS Exel, can i set everything up from an exel file w/ all the formulas and stuff and then feed that to appsheet?

  3. Would it be possible to have one admin user and one regular user (to be used by many users)
    Where, Admin user has the ability to edit fields and modify the app itself (obviously)
    Where, User can only add edit (perhaps restrict deletion) data
    Where, One user used by many users to save cost like for example in Daily Time Recorder for employees. It would be so expensive to pay user fee for each employee specially in an environment where lots of employees, specially temporary /short term hires. So i was thinking is it possible to create an Appsheet where employees can simply time in and out by simply entering their private PIN CODE.
    I will just API connect AppSheet with our custom backend software to pull data and put in our SQL DB

  • Is this, and similar 1 user license to multiuser scenarios, possible in AppSheet? and is it not a violation of the policies?


Not really.