A few questions after some user feedback: 1....

(Tina Cheng) #1

A few questions after some user feedback:

Is there a way to wrap text in the comments field that we created for users to use? 2.

Is there a way for the app itself to give notifications for any changes that are made to the app for a given field? Right now, we have set up an automatic email to get sent for these changes to a field, but the user wants to know if the app can sent out a notification itself vs. email. 3.

We have to auto refresh all the time when we go into the app. Can this auto refresh be automatic?

Thanks, Tina

(Austin Nunns) #2
  1. I think that is where the type “long text” comes into play instead of just “text” but I could be wrong.

  2. Yah, you use “workflows” and instead of an email, you have the “notify” section enabled.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3
  1. If options “Delayed sync” and “Automatic updates” are ON, it will update the data in background and sync every 30 minutes.
(Tina Cheng) #4

@Austin_Nunns thanks! For the 2nd question about automatic notifications from the app, is this what you mean by the notify section being enabled?

(Tina Cheng) #5

@Aleksi_Alkio Should I enable Syn on start instead? Seems like that’s the option I want when a user opens up the app, so they don’t have to manually press the sync button.

I don’t want the delayed sync.

I want real time access to the app without having to press the sync button.

(Tina Cheng) #6

@Austin_Nunns This is great!

I tested and it seems to work. Now, do you need to have the app open to get these app notifications according to my rules? I happened to have my app open when I got the notification. Ideally, they get it as long as the app is loaded on their phone.

(Austin Nunns) #7

@Tina_Cheng Personally, I don’t use that “Use default Content” setting because I like to add in my own information.

Awesome! From my experience, I would get the notification even when I didn’t have the app open but I could be wrong.

(Tina Cheng) #8

@Austin_Nunns When we had the auto email set up for changes, we set up our own “custom” note and it seems like it’s using that same custom note as the default content and I do get the app notifications without the app being open.

(Aleksi Alkio) #9

@Tina_Cheng Yes you can set that option as well. When those two options are ON, it will make additional syncs every 30 minutes without manual sync. This will take care that your data is updated if you haven’t synced your app lately.