A formula that give an option of what text display in row

I have a product table and on product detail page I want to display ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ depending on whether the user already like the product. I have set up a likes table that contains column Like and Email. Then tried using this formula but its not working as I want it to

IF(and([Likes].[Like]<>0,[Likes].[Email]=useremail())=false, “Like”, “Unlike”)

Any ideas or suggestion on how to go about it?

What if you remove the portion =false ?

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I ended up with the following formula which is working perfectly. Thanks all

IF(in(useremail(),SELECT(Likes[Email], ([Product Id] = [Likes].[Product Id])))=true, “Unlike”, “Like”)

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that wasn’t working either. thanks

Good to know that you have it working, please mark the working formula as per your post as acceptable answer.

That expression is still a bit confusing to me. I presume you have a table called Likes with two columns – Product and Email.

How about something like this:

IF ( COUNT( SELECT(Likes[Email], AND([ProductId] = [_THISROW].[ProductId], [Email] = USEREMAIL()))) > 0, “Unlike”, “Like”)

Perhaps you already have a virtual column Likes on the Products table which is a list of refs to all Likes for the product… If so …

IF ( IN(USEREMAIL(), [Likes][Email]), “Unlike”, “Like”)