A key problem

Greetings, aesthetically pleasant fellow of the homo sapiens-sapiens evolutionary branch,
i am presently in a kerfuffle with keys:
I have a sheet and i made an application using that appsheet tool. The system is asking a key column from me, i hereby propose the number of the row column wich the system seem not too keen to accept because it can be misplaced oif whatever.
Thus i propose my barcode column wich, being a coded line concatenating brand - color ID - model, is indeed unique. But i am refused to use it on the pretext that a column containing an algorithm isn’t eligible.
Also tryed with uniqueID() but it is also refused.

What can i do?

If you ever find yourself in such a position, here is what i came up with after some researches:

Rule N 1: You cannot setup a column with a spreadsheet formula as a key column.
Rule n 2: You cannot setup a column with a app formula as a key column

So just respect the rules and put your formula (whatever it is) in the Column -> Edit -> Auto Compute -> Initial Value field.
The initial value of your column is now the formula you wanted, and the system accept it.

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The reason being AppSheet wants to be sure the key value is static. A spreadsheet formula will be recalculated at least every time the app is synced. An app formula in a virtual column is recalculated at every sync. An app formula in a normal column is recalculated every time the row is modified. Any time a column value is recalculated, it could change. Keys aren’t allowed to change.