A Question on Combining Views

So this is all new to me, but I am trying to combine views without using the dashboard view. Specifically, my app starts on a Column view. This view lists several options. When a user clicks on one of the options, I do not want them to see the detail view as it is, I want it to display a chart view of the data that I have created. Currently that view is under the menu, but I would like to remove it, and just have it display whenever someone clicks that option from the default starting column view list.

Thanks in advance.

What is a “column view”?

How are the “several options” listed in this column view?

You can create a Behaviour Action with LINKTOVIEW() expression and assign this action to the Row Selected property of your table view.

Sorry I meant Table View.

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Thank you., I will read about how to do Behavior Action. I appreciate the response!

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You may also want to check this document:

Thank you! Again, probably a really novice question, but hey that is what I am, I am guessing I create the Link to View in the Columns of the data that is currently my default start page.

So I think I am getting closer and I hate to bother you, but I have added the following: LINKTOROW(“row12”, “About MLB”, “About MLB”) where Row 12 is the row I want to trigger the view of About MLB. However I get an error message even though I get the green check. I am not sure why but I think my error is in the last clause, “About MLB” I believe should be something else.

It might be helpful to post the exact text of the error message. That said, the third argument to LINKTOROW() should be the app ID, not the name of the app. If you’re linking to another row within the same app, you can omit the third argument altogether.

Try this:

LINKTOROW(“row12”, “About MLB”)

That worked, and I appreciate the help very much. It is now linking every row in that Table to the same view and I only want Row 12 to link to that. I want row 11 to link to a different view, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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In the starting page table, add a normal (not virtual) column to contain the key column of the target row appropriate for that row in the starting page table. Then change your virtual column expression to use the value in this new column when constructing the link:

LINKTOROW([target key], "About MLB")

Where target key is the name of that new column. Note the square brackets around the column name: they aren’t part of the name, they’re telling AppSheet to insert the value from the column named there when the virtual column value is computed.

I cannot thank you enough! I really appreciate your time

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So I am doing something wrong now. I added a column to the table as you suggested. I was not sure what to put in each corresponding cell, so I just put the name of the view I want that row to show when selected on the start page. All that really seems to happen is that the details page now has a link to the view I want. But I want that view to appear, not a link to it. I can also change the behavior action on the start view itself, but then all rows go to the same view. Not sure what I am missing.

I may not be explaining this well.

My start table consists of 4 columns and 16 rows including the header rows.

Each Row pertains to a different sport, NFL, MLB, NCAA Basketball, etc. When a user clicks on one of the rows, I want them to see the chart view I have created for each individual sport which I named “About (Sport)”

So if they click on MLB, it goes to About MLB. If they click on NFL, it goes to About NFL etc.

At present, I can get all of the rows to show the same About page but not the correct one. Or I can have each detail view contain a link to the correct about view, but I cannot seem to get each row to display the proper about page.

Assuming that you have a [Sport] column in this table and your chart views are named as [Sport]_Chart i.e. NFL_Chart

Create a LINKTOVIEW() action for this table with below expression and assign this action to the Row Selected property of this table under UX pane.


Aw, thanks! So simple. I am a moron. Really appreciate your help.

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@Robert_S You are not a moron!

Please take a look to my sample app. Just click on your name on the Home screen and see if it’s what you want. You are free to copy this app from my portfolio from here > https://www.appsheet.com/portfolio/245151

That is exactly it. Thank you Again.

@Robert_S you’re welcome, my pleasure to be helped of.