A quick question - is a "Related" item only c...

(William Stewart) #1

A quick question - is a “Related” item only created when the Key column is used as the reference? I am really struggling to create a related field in my app


Hi @William_Stewart Try =REF_ROWS(“Other Table name”,“this table key col”)

and column type List.

(William Stewart) #3

@Lynn Thanks, I have this VC [Related Maintenances] in Table Issues with the expression

REF_ROWS(“Maintenance”, “Issue”) In my table Maintenance I have a column [Issue] which references Issues[Issue]. However, once a row is created in the maintenance table referencing Issue it does not create a related maintenance. Prior to Maintenance[Issue] I do also have a column [Property Name] which referencing table Property. Would this be “superseding” my [Issue] ref??