A Rank() function for expressions

There are several ways in which I would like to use a rank() function in my app but, since such a function is not available in AppSheet, I need to do it on the spreadsheet side. This, however, makes syncing necessary. It would be nice to have a rank() function that could be used in a virtual column.

What would RANK() do?

They way I use it in my app is as follows. First, records are shuffled in to a random order using RANDBETWEEN(). This, of course, is also available in AppSheet. Then RANK() lets me determine which record is next and which is previous to a give record after the sorting.

Actually, I discussed this with @praveen quite some time ago and, as I recall, he agreed that RANK() would be necessary to do what I wanted to do (though I don’t recall that he felt RANK() is necessary for AppSheet – what I wanted to do was a bit unusual). I looked for that discussion in the archive but it seems that we can only search back to the beginning of 2018. That is a disappointment. I was under the impression that the entire archive would be saved. :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes. That’s what I’m using in my spreadsheet. If I had it in AppSheet, I’d like to see if I could make my app do what it is already doing more efficiently.

Im also need this. Previous use in ms excell but i dont know how to use in appsheet. It is still not available for now?

This? Click through the link…

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