A sincere, simple thank you

Hello guys. I’m reading through the primer right now and I know this might sound corny …

I just want to say thank you for rolling out this feature, and moreover all of your work on the platform in general. It might not be evident to you, but small business owners and freelancers etc. benefit so much from being able to create software in a way that even 5 years ago they couldn’t have dreamed of.

I have so many ideas flowing in about what I will do with these new tools and I want to say how thankful I am to the whole Appsheet team for all your hard work especially I’m sure through Covid and all the disruption along with the Google acquisition.

Thank you from all of us users.


So happy to hear that Ethan and it’s our honor to be able to serve customers just like you. Look forward to seeing what you build with these new features and hearing about your experiences. @praveen @Harsh_Ch @JCadence @Vikas_Anand