A special Office Hours: June 30th, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined our special webinar session on Tuesday, June 30th. During this time we addressed the topics raised by @TDhers in the linked post.

Please keep your questions and feedback coming and thank you again for spending time with our team today!


Hi @JCadence
Thank you. I just registered.
Date should be a typo, it will be 30th June instead of 20th.


I also suggest for basic users benefit a webinar on how to use sql as backend and how to move backend from google sheet to sql databases, a step by step guide …so that a self service users can do it without much difficulty or anxiety.


Thank you for catching that @tsuji_koichi :slight_smile:


Question for the office hours:I’m very curious which direction appsheet plans to focus it’s further development; is the focus to continue making it easier for the beginner developers to step into the field or will the focus be to expand beyond some of the current limitations to UI design and data manipulation?

Either way, I’m sure appsheet will continue to be awesome, but I feel like appsheet is tremendously easy to use already and could use the increased feature set more.

I’m sure that our current struggles with appsheet’s UI stem primarily from the fact that we use appsheet in the browser for the majority of our projects instead of on the phone/tablet but having better control and more options when it comes to UI would be a great help in creating more streamline and immersive apps. These features could be left alone for those that do not wish to bother with them but would be a wonderful addition for those that want to use them.
The data manipulation is becoming ever easier as we continue to use appsheet and learn the tricks but some of them are very tedious and cause a lot of clutter. I know that the clutter on an individual app can be alleviated by splitting apps up based on functionality but this leads to an even greater mess. Some ability to self organize or even group up items in the editor could go a long way to improving the development experience on larger apps.


Hi! I wonder if it would be possible to address more advanced filtering expressions and some examples? I’m coming from google sheets and would like to learn appsheet equivalents to VLOOKUPS, QUERIES, and finding specific values (like MAX, MIN, LARGE, COUNT, etc) based on a SLICE? Not sure if that’s in the AppSheet wheelhouse. I’m about 2 months into AppSheets (starting from scratch) so understanding some advance expressions would be greatly appreciated.

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I like AppSheet and I believe in no-code for app development. In the past I posted in the community a few times about bugs I found and about feature ideas, spending hours to properly document the cases, but never got official feedback from AppSheet. Currently I cannot see which bugs have been confirmed nor which feature requests have been accepted. This negatively affects motivation to contribute in improving the platform. I remember reading an excellent 2017 blog post by your founder Praveen where he says “Our customers are our team” : https://blog.appsheet.com/founder-notes-appsheet-customer-definition so I remain positive about the future. I am glad that AppSheet holds a special webinar today to discuss the product roadmap.

I have two questions :

1- Is it possible to have a defined process for feature proposal and for bug reporting ? As an example, the Python language has long established formal processes and dashboards for the latter (see
https://www.python.org/dev/peps/ and https://bugs.python.org/ and https://docs.python.org/3/bugs.html .
I realize that AppSheet is not an open source project, but the involvement of the community has been a success factor for Python and can be an inspiration for AppSheet to adapt the approach for its context.

2- Is it possible to have a few webinars per year targeted at avanced users in order to discuss current and potential technical features of the platform ? Currently, most webinars are meant for beginner / intermediate users. However in the AppSheet community there are quite a few advanced users that would certainly be interested and motivated in sharing ideas.

Thanks !


Hi @Thomas_Varghese

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll see when we can address this in a future session.

You are right. Sometimes, I posted feature requests that are a bit technical in nature but never get a response from the AppSheet. :frowning:

Another thing I noticed is the support. It becomes more generic supports. If I posted few issues, their first response was we do not support this or that (feel like making the issue go away instead of trying to help resolving it). I had to push further to get my point across. Hopefully, that is not the future trends

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Are their key Use Cases that AppSheet could not previously meet (effectively) that you are hoping to capture with the new feature roadmap?


Will you be able to add Google Docs and Sheets as options for the Workflow “Attachment Content Type” ?

Do you have any plan to expand the web integration capabilities? E.g ability to response from appsheet in custom JSON format based on JSON templates. Currently, it’s limited to standard format provided by the appsheet( https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/1979966-api-the-essentials )

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Any plans to make using SQL as a data source more cost effective? The $5000 upfront cost of the connector puts off ALL my clients. I presume that Google would list to sell more SQL instances, so are their any plans to do anything about this?



Is there a different pricing strategy foreseen in the roadmap? I would like to see a pricing based on data-use of functionality-use rather than per user.


Any recommendations or conversion tools / wizards to assist with the process of converting an MS Access application to a Google Sheets based AppSheet solution?

Any updates on how AppSheet may integrate with GSuite in the future? Will AppSheet remain a-la-carte, will it become part of GSuite app offerings, or is this an unknown at this point?

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Q: In an IFrame view, would we expect scripts to execute within the iframe (e.g. client side javascript)?
A: Initial plan for static content to be loaded (no scripts). iFrame scripts may be possible down the road. Reason: many exploits / vulnerabilities are possible so scripting must be approached carefully.

Q: Any plans for a more legitimized SVG integration?
A: AppSheet was looking into this around the time of the Google acquisition; has not been a priority since. Will revisit.

Q: Any planned integration with Googles recently acquired Looker service?


  • Feature-specific notes section in the community is great.
    • In a similar fashion, there should be an AppSheet-curated list of community resources, such as community identified API services. There are so many good resources but they get buried.

Thoughts on AWS HoneyCode, just released? seems late to game, but overall, positive for overall nocode community?

Q: Hierarchical Views and Expressions?
A: Question was only approached from the UX standpoint, not the expressions standpoint. It was basically noted that the UX needs to be restructured, then many interesting views will be created.

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Any plans of adding Formulas for Branding/Logo/Sync image? Or formatting rules with dynamic colors?