A special Office Hours: June 30th, 2020

haven’t tried either, but they don’t sound great :laughing:

I did try honey code. It’s pretty clean and more geared to business users than products like powerApps. out of the box it is simple, and limited, and seems to only have a desire to live in AWS. good focus on data model out of the gate which is a good idea.

I do think it will be a nice addition to AWS. But glad to see validation i. this space.

Video from this morning has been posted :slight_smile:


Interesting to see the name of Apigee as additional connector. Never used Apigee, but understand it is a tool to generate the proxy for the existing APIs. Wondering how this new intergration will look like and what the benefit to the App creators. Brief guide is appreciated. If you need to keep “secret” for now, that s fine. :wink:

Also the name of Appscript is catching my eyes as well. It should be GAS. It is wonderful if we could use own custom appscript function within appsheet formula! But interesting to hear what new Appscript connector will look like.



For the next Office Hours sessions, here are some suggested advanced expressions that I’d like to learn.

  • Expression to calculate % Change from Most Recent Entry (Number) to the Previous Entry (Number)
  • Equivalent to DGET function in google sheets with an example. This could include searching through multiple conditions to find the value associated to these conditions from a read only referenced table.
  • How to pull the most recently entered value from another table and display it in a separate table? My issue is that reference Key[Column Name] pulls the first entry only and not the latest.
  • A security filter expression that includes the TEAM (TEAMID) the user is a part of - so it filters data of the team specifically and not anyone else outside the team (but automatically set so this applies to all users of the app).
  • Is the Detail View the only suitable view to display Virtual Column summary type expressions? I’d like to use the CARD view but since each summary VC expression is different, the headers translate down columns and not not necessarily from one VC column to another.
  • Some complex IF statements
  • Workflow push notifications to team members when a new entry is created by any one of the team members.

These are just some just suggestions!

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This is very cool. You should publish this more often.
Even though I’m a regular member in this community, I didn’t know about all of these changes.


Right on… as many of us are heading to a long 4th of July BBQ week end… :slight_smile:

Appreciate the behind the scenes look yesterday.

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I also looked at honeycode. They are completely useless until they support images and some sort of enumlist like feature. I like their more open-ended visual editor. So if the AppSheet UX team could ever move more in the direction that would be amazing. I also liked their much larger exhaustive list of available functions.


I don’t know about this - is it more intuitive? Is it easier to visualize dependencies? Is it more menu oriented?
Can you elaborate more on how it would improve upon the existing editor UX?

Ah, its more referring to the ability to customize the views however you see fit via drag n drop and resizing. For example, over their you could customize your detail view so that so some fields were displayed next to each other instead of strictly vertical stack - allowing better usage of wide screens and tablets.


Gotcha, thanks.

I share your excitement about Apigee and GAS. It will give advanced developers and partners to develop custom integrations for their clients. Some of these integrations are to, for example, payment systems, mapping API, charting, accounting, project management etc.


It s really intersting isnt it ?
Depending what sort of new functionalities this connectors will bring, but for sure it will add the flexiblities to integrate with other external system without “coding”. Will see.


I agree with both comments

1 = The feature request should require much more detail from the person suggesting it. Also we need a way for Apspheet users to vote on the updates they need. So that useful-but-difficult gets prioritised before nobody-asked-for-but-its-easy. Spec I’m talking about you here :laughing:

2 = I agree and would strongly put forward @MultiTech_Visions as someone that Appsheet could pay to create some really cool Appsheet poweruser how-to videos. The stuff I’ve learnt from him is amazing!


You are too kind. :nerd_face:


Me, as well, as you know. :smile:


Hello Simon,

Thank you for your positive comment. I am also grateful to @MultiTech_Visions for their excellent videos that got me started and convinced me about the power of this platform.

Here are some suggestions that I sent to AppSheet after this Office Hours webinar regarding Bug reports and Feature requests :

A- Bug reports

When I say “bug report” I mean reporting platform behavior that is incorrect according to the documentation or obviously inconsistent. I do not mean asking for help about how to properly use AppSheet or how to correct expressions. In the community there is “bugs-issues-errors” tag (not a category) and the posts are well moderated, in particular @Steve does a great job helping to find solutions. There are few real “bugs” under this tag, most are misuses of the platform. SUGGESTIONS :

A.1 Have guidelines, on the AppSheet main site and in the AppSheet community (a sticky post), about bug reporting :

  • Where to submit (ex. community OR webpage OR email support …)
  • How to document the bug (description, sample app, steps to reproduce, expected vs actual results, is there a workaround …)

A.2 All bug submissions are reviewed by an AppSheet staff person who checks that the bug is properly documented (if not he asks the submitter to follow the guidelines). He then verifies if it is a real bug, in which case he assigns a unique Id number to the bug.

A.3 No schedule is given by AppSheet staff about when a bug will be fixed. Feedback is given to the bug submitter about status changes (confirmed, solved), whether on a web dashboard or by email.

B- Feature requests

The AppSheet community has a “Feature Requests” category which has a solved/unsolved checkbox and the number of votes. However many Feature requests posts can be solved by workarounds, sometimes quite usable, and @Steve again helps a lot. The main problem is that finding the promising / well-described Feature requests is difficult. This has the side effect that users post new requests instead of enriching existing ones. SUGGESTIONS :

B.1 Have guidelines in the AppSheet community (a sticky post) about feature requests :

  • Where to submit : In the “Ideas” (a new category) of the community.
  • How to document an Idea (rationale, target use cases, how it enables things not currently possible OR how it simplifies/accelerates current ways of doing, a sketch, performance considerations …)
  • Explain that AppSheet is the sole judge to designate that an “Idea” is properly documented and promoted to the category “Feature request” but that this does not guarantee that it will be accepted for evolution of the platform.

B.2 Have a new category “Ideas” in the community.

B.3 Only AppSheet Community moderators can “promote” a post from “Idea” to the “Feature Request” category, and assign it a unique sequential Id number (see B.1).

B.4 Community members can add comments to a Feature request and can vote on it. Feature requests can be sorted by Id number or by Votes or by date created/commented, and can be filtered by solved/unsolved. The Id number also allows direct permanent reference to a Feature request from other posts in the community.

B.5 When an improvement is implemented in the AppSheet platform, the announcement can refer to the Feature request Id number(s) that is(are) related. An AppSheet moderator changes the status of the Feature request post(s) to solved.

I care about AppSheet and I am willing to contribute bug reports and ideas. I hope that the above suggestions will serve as an example for the AppSheet staff to improve the process.


I think this topic is a good one (thanks @lamontfr) and needs it’s own thread. Looking to @JCadence and @Peter to make it so. Thanks.

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