A strange occurance in a virtual column: I h...

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A strange occurance in a virtual column:

I have a virtual column which does a calculation on 4 other column values. The output is meant to be a percentage (but for now, I have a decimal output).

The issue is that the virtual column RESETS to

0.00 on syncronisation.

I wanted to test the calculation, so putting the same calculation into a proper column, I synced the data again.

I videoed the screen… the fixed column ([PercentRecycleTest] at the top) calculates and displays 78%. The Virtual column [Job.percentRecycle] at the bottom of the screen starts by showing 0.78 (which is to be converted to %) but when the sync completes it resets to zero!

Any ideas?


Can you show the whole equation you’re calculating, and give the column types of each column? Probably something about rounding and decimal digits is going wrong. On sync virtual columns are recomputed by the server so it looks like a discrepancy between client and server expression evaluation.

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Virtual Column Called Job.PercentRecycle Decimal type 2 decimal digits

Equation: =IF( [Job.Type]=“Tipping” , ( [Job.TipWoodWeight]+[Job.TipGreenWeight]+[Job.TipBrickWeight] ) / ( [Job.TipGeneralWeight]+[Job.TipWoodWeight]+[Job.TipGreenWeight]+[Job.TipBrickWeight] ) , “” )

Fixed Column is Identical, but obviously doesn’t reset to zero on sync.

In fact I can do without the virtual column, as it doesn’t need to update itself without editing the data in that row. But it is still odd behaviour… :slight_smile: