A Subscriber Package for Mass Users of a Public Appsheet App

Dear Appsheet,

I would like request an alternative or new pricing model for public users of a public app in which they can register as applicaiton end users without becoming paying developer or business users of the monthly plans like Premium, Pro, and Busisess?

I am thinking of having simple public users who will use an appsheet app for Deliveries (like fast food or take away foods), or maybe membership of a sports club. I am thinking that the app might have a few hundred or enven a few thousand simple users.

I am aware of White Label Apps:


“The use of the white label option requires one of the PRO subscription plans. At least one license of Publisher PRO or 10 licenses of Secured PRO (Per user). Please consult the AppSheet pricing page for more details.”

However, the pricing page:

has not further pricing for White Label Apps.

I am looking at a user base where an end-user customer might do 1 - 3 orders a month on average, and the Restaurant and Drivers would have their own application too. They could create their own user logon name and profile just for that appsheet application.

Please respond if you would like want me to clarify or eleborate further.

Thank you for your kind attention and consideration.



I think this can be summed up by:

Instead of the current model whereby the features of the app determine the pricing model, it would be nice we could also have a new model whereby price of license is determined by the end user’s role - and therefore what features that role has access to.

To further the example already in place, I’m just going to say a GrubHub clone, a Customer ordering food, only needs access to his own personal information, a history of his orders, and be able to see food options. Overall, a fairly low level of access.

Then the Restaurants who need to manage their information, post their menus, and receive orders, need much broader access. These are people who would already paying the dev for access to some extent. These licenses would cost more.

Etc, etc.

Am I on the right track, @aucforum?

Yes. I was thinking more transaction volume, but role could be another way of defining it.