A thanks to the community!

Not really a Q for the forum so feel free to move or delete, but with input from the community over the last couple of months, my app just went through 2 weeks of usage with 350 users, ~8000 transactions, all while a technical peer team said it wouldn’t scale. Thanks so much for all your help, special call out to @Steve, @LeventK, and @Suvrutt_Gurjar.


Hi @Colin_Lough
Glad to hear your app’s success and thanks for sharing it with us. It was totally our pleasure to be helped of.

I would humbly add one point if you permit:
Even-though luckily we might have catched your posts and tried to help with best of our efforts, I believe kudos shall go to many of the pioneers of this community rather than me, @Suvrutt_Gurjar and @Steve alone.

Therefore with all my due respect to you and everyone, I would like to accept and share your kind appreciation on behalf of all - but not limited to - these pioneers; @Aleksi, @Bellave_Jayaram, @GreenFlux, @MultiTech_Visions, @Grant_Stead, @tsuji_koichi, @Bahbus and many others whom I haven’t or unintentionally forgot to mention here.

Thanks and bestest regards :pray:


Thank you, @LeventK.
I mean no disrespect to anyone else in the community, everyone’s input and time was, and continues to be, greatly appreciated.



Congrats @Colin_Lough. Your app stats are impressive. Creating an app that satisfies 350 users continuously is definitely an achievement. Best wishes for many more great apps.

I totally echo Levent’s feelings. We all reverently follow all the senior Appsheet community guides he has mentioned, of course @Steve and Levent himself included in the list. If I may add, I believe we exist in this community because of a great concept and platform of Appsheet created by @praveen and the entire AppSheet team.

We also follow @Marc_Dillon , @Jonathon , @Fabian , @Kirk_Masden , @WillowMobileSystems , @Lynn as knowledgeable community guides.

I wanted to specifically mention all the guides but it seems the community platform allows 10 mentions in a single post.

I am in awe of many other community members - @djmalaka is a surgeon by profession who has developed some great apps. There are many others whose main profession is different than app creation and yet they create beautiful apps. I believe they all deserve big kudos.


Finally, thank you for your kind words. A genuine thankfulness and appreciation is also priceless.


Congrats and well-done! Thank you for the post. Other users contemplating the usage of AppSheet will definitely find this encouraging and informative.

Since you are willing to share, I wonder if you might provide some additional high-level details that can also help:

  • Is the app/system used commercially or by enterprise/business?
  • Is the backend data source in sheets or a database?
  • Do you have a single app or a set of apps? How many?
  • Do you perform any kind of data archiving to keep the data footprint small?

Understanding how you are successfully supporting the number of users and transactions will help guide others in their system designs.


Wow 350 users, nice work! Is that on a Public or Private plan?