A way to determine uploaded file name

A way to set the upload file title. I know in doing that we would be assuming the risk of replacing the current file (as now we can do with generated files), but sometimes its exactly we want.

In some cases, keeping old versions of documents is not useful, as it keep obsolete documents on the database and we cannot create a permanent link for the file (it always changes the link due to the timestamp). I’ve done that replacing the the file directly on the database, but it’s not ideal.

It would help if we could:

  1. Option to set a unique title collumn for the file on that row (might create problems cuz its editable - would it save new files everytime it changes? Perhaps be editable only when uploading new file for that field); or

  2. Option to remove the timestamp from the saved file’s title (the key collumn would work as the title collumn in suggestion 1, but not editable); or

  3. Keeping original file name (most risky, since we cannot make sure its unique per row and might replace files from another fields unintentionally - unless we take additional caution with file folder path to avoid that).

I would like to set the filename as the uploaded file, knowing that overwrites will occur.

Yes. That would be useful.

@tsuji_koichi Here, if u want to vote for it :wink:

Done it.

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Feels like this is needed, even if it is just to put it in a separate [File Name] column.

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Hello, @rob.coronel

I see your reply on my post so i just tag you on the “original one” [better visibility for the Appsheet Team @TDhers ]

Still no answer about this capability, but i highly encourage you to vote for this feature request.


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Noted @Jeremie, many thanks