Abbreviation Decoder

I am wanting to build an app where I can input a string of abbreviations and the app goes to the data and strings together the full definitions? Any help would be great

Can you elaborate the idea? Your explanation is too generic so it’s hard grab what you are trying to build. Examples and screenshot might be beneficial as well.

I am trying to build a METAR decoder. So if I were to type something like this into a field
It would return something like
Status Fractus 200, Stratocumulus 200, Stratocumulus 400

How it should decode the string? I mean do you have a database or table to expand the meaning of SC being Stratocumulus? And are these abbreviations unique? (meaning SC = Stratocumulus only and there isn’t a second SC abbreviation. Lastly, is your abbreviations identical i.e. beginning with 2 letters at all times followed by a number?