Ability for all expressions to take REF_ROWS() columns as their "table" parameter

Let’s say I have the column [Related Line Items], which is an automatically created reverse reference column, using the REF_ROWS() expression.

I can use the SELECT expression directly on it:

SELECT( [Related Line Items][Name] )

I also feel like there are other instances where I can use such a column in place of a table name, but I’m currently drawing a blank.

What you can’t do, however, is this:

MAXROW( [Related Line Items] , …)
FILTER( [Related Line Items] , …)

Why not?

I wish that we could use a REF_ROWS() column, in place of a table, in any expression that requires a table parameter.

Absolutely! I actually thought it was supposed to be this way; way back (years ago now) when the reverse reference was first introduced, there was talk about it working in any instance where you would use a table reference (Table[Key]).

I constantly forget that it doesn’t work elsewhere except in SELECT() and keep trying. :laughing:


And you can also use them directly is template Start expressions. <<Start: [Related Line Items]>>


Hi Matt,
I have been searching documentation, explaining revert reference on REF_ROWS() column, but I could not find much of documentation or explanation of use cases, etc, if I do not miss something.
Any idea for any materials and docs well documented?

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@Steve would be the one to discuss the documentation with.

I’ll add this topic to the list of ideas for In-App Guildes.

Sure thanks, Matt.
Obviously nothing is officially mentioned about revert reference I believe.

Hmm… yeah now that I look back at posts by Praveen I see that that term was only used by him a few times, and not to describe what I’m describing.

According to this post:

Seems to me the way he’s using the term “Reverse Reference” is to describe the auto-created related-records VC.

I’m trying to find the post where I originally picked up that vernacular, maybe I got some wires crossed.

Hi Matt, thanks again and sorry for taking your time.
This is one of the useful and popular feature in Appsheet, but probably not officially documented with details, which is strange.

I searched with the various different terms, reverse, child records column reach out etc, but none of success, which gave me indication this is not actually documented.

Hope @Steve @Aleksi will take this and push into part of documentations.

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