Ability to attach multiple files to an email based on a template

I have a client looking to attach 2 documents to the same email.

Document 1 is a .csv file based on template A
Document 2 is an .xls file based on template B

I understand we can attach an unrelated files (not associated with a template) Is there any way I can do this? Open to ideas

Create a workflow rule with two actions.
The first action would be a SaveFile action that creates and archives the .csv file.
The second action would be an Email action that creates the .xlsx (not .xls) as an attachment.
The second action would include the file archived by SaveFile as an Other Attachment.


Thanks Phil I’ll try this today and report back :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

  • What is the format of the expression I should put in Other Attachments? Something like //appsheet/data… ?

  • Is there a way to automatically delete those files after the email is sent? The files will accumulate quickly

Thanks Phil

See topic " Locating Other Attachment Files" in this article https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/3337387-email-other-attachments

There is currently no way to automatically delete the files created by the SaveFiles.

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This is working in case your csv file always has the same file name:
Enable “Disable Timestamp?”. With this, you will always have only 1 file.
A new file created, will override the existing file.


Perfect! Thanks Fabian

Hi Phil, It looks like I’m not doing something right. I’ve followed your instructions above but it seems the file name has a reference added to the end preventing the attachment is my assumption. I have the date time stamp option turned off but the date and another reference is being added. Here is a copy of the file: Could really use some help. Thanks


Hi Daisy,

Just saw this post. I replied to your later posts on the same topic, but I am replying here also in case someone sees this post in future.

You need to enable the “Disable Timestamp” option on the SaveFile action. At the moment, that option is “Off” so the timestamp is being included.

I’m so sorry Phil, I completely misread/understood the flag. I’ll try it this afternoon.

Thanks so much

No Problem The option is confusing.

Hi Phil, sorry but it looks like I still have a timing issue or so. The email is sent prior to the file being accessible. Any ideas on how I can insert a delay of some kind in between the actions to allow the file time to hit the directory so it can be picked up?

Sorry Phil I’ve tried just about everything I know how on this file and can’t get it to attach. The Disable stamp is ON. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Daisy,

I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The rule name
  4. Your permission to debug using your app

Account ID: 539632

Thanks Phil

I am still investigating, but can you check one thing?

It looks like SaveFile is archiving the files to the “Files” folder. For example, the archived file has a name like “/appsheet/data/USAgain-539632/Files/CollectionSummary_RS67890543211234567890.pdf”

You email action does not appear to be including the “Files” folder in the attachment location.

You may simply be archiving the file to one place and looking in another.

ok will do but I’ve been watching the directory to see when the file posts vs. when I receive the email and I’m getting the email way before the file posts to the directory.

I have a vc set for the file name. Should I include the full name (“/appsheet/data/USAgain-539632/Files/CollectionSummary_RS67890543211234567890.pdf”) in that vc and use the vc in both Save File and Other Attachments?

We start from the App Data Folder, which appears to be “/appsheet/data/USAgain-539632” in your case. We assume that location, so you should not specify that. Try specifying the rest of the name including the “Files” folder so “Files/CollectionSummary_RS67890543211234567890.pdf”.

We are definitely writing the file to the archive folder before attempting to retrieve it by name. It is possible that Google Drive will take time between when SaveFile writes the file to the archive folder and when Google Drive will allow us to retrieve it by name. In other words, it may take time for Google Drive to propagate information about the newly added file to all of the Google Drive servers running in Google Cloud.

Are you having success getting this to work?

Hi Phil, I inserted “Files/CollectionSummary_”&[Route Barcode]&".pdf" into the VC and referenced it in the Save File and other attachments as mentioned above but no luck.