Ability to call a sync from an Action (I thin...

(Christian Farley) #1

Ability to call a sync from an Action (I think I proposed something similar in the past, but I am restating in a simpler use case). This is critical for apps that rely on backend scripts to enrich the data. Currently we are stuck with broken workflows because we can’t force the user to sync twice (which is a poor user experience anyways). Being able to hide syncs in Actions would allow to make sure the data is fresh.

Nguyen mentioned that this would be risky because some backend scripts may not have completed in time, but I would counter this by saying that the onus would be on the app developer to ensure that they do, and in any case if they don’t we would be at the same place we are today.

And if you want to add a layer of safety, maybe a solution could be to have a new column type called “Completion” (yes/no), whereby the sync will check that field and only update a row if set to Yes. On the script side, we would make sure that this is the last column updated at the end of the script process.

Finally: should the sync happen in the foreground or transparently? I would say there are use cases for both. I would very much like to be able to decide when a sync needs to happen, and not leave it to the user’s diligence. So we should have more flexibility with sync button at the bottom if the UI (like not showing it, and instead have an Action that we can trigger at a moment in worfklow where we need it to happen). Transparent syncs should also be something that Appsheet should offer as it becomes ever more media rich. This is done massively in game apps, where all sorts of strategies exists to distract the user while data is being moved in the background.

(Grant Stead) #2

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