Ability to copy over a table's column definitions, actions and views from one App to another App as long as the table has same column format

To avoid building a big bloated app, we usually break down apps based on user roles or functions. Then there are few tables that share among all those apps.

When we update those tables, we have to make sure that changes are consistent across all shared apps. That process is tedious and buggy.

Would love to have a way to copy over a table’s column definition, actions and views from another app.

Note- Currently, I use Info>Properties>The documentation page to get each app’s definition in text form. Then compare the relevant part of the apps using WinMerge or similar app.



Thanks to @Marc_Dillon for giving the link to the solution I proposed in January 2021.

Can you please add your comments to App Component Reuse Solution such that this will resurrect the topic and hopefully get some attention from the AppSheet team ?

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@Steven_Aung Thanks !

I have been seeking something similar here: