Ability to read a column's internal status such as Show, Editable, Display Name within an expression

E.g, [A COLUMN].SHOW or [A COLUMN].REQUIRED will be a nice addition.

The reason for the request is to reduce duplicate logic (expression) in some use cases. E.g, I like to create a virtual column for a message which will be updated based on other column’s show/required status. I also like to use other columns’ dynamic display names (e.g changing based on language setting) within the message.

Currently, I would have to duplicate logic used in other columns’ show/required/display name in the message column’s formula. Or I have to add multiple hidden columns to avoid duplicate logic/expressions.

Another use case is reusing the editable conditions of columns for an action that trigger sequence of actions to set values to the columns.

In sum, this feature will allow us to reduce duplicate logic without introducing a lot of virtual columns.

How about putting the logic in a virtual column, then referencing the virtual column in the column properties?

I did mention the approach in my post but it is impractical for large column sets.

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