Ability to select an pre existing step in a process

Hi there,

In Automation, in a new process, I wish I could select Steps that I have created for other processes.
So far I have to recreate the step each time.
Is that possible ? Or will be possible? Or that’s possible and I can’t see it :slight_smile: ?

Thanks for your help !

You can copy an existing process and then edit it.

Would that help what you are trying to achieve ?

Thanks Dan_Bahir,

Maybe I’m not familiar enough with the new Automation feature.
I’m a bit confused about the Step concept.
Why isn’t it managed the same way as Bots, Events, Processes and Tasks ?

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A step is a way to organize the execution in a process. A step can be a procedural one like and branch or a call process or it can be an executable one like send an email or modify a value of a column. In the latter case they are saved as a task to allow you to use them in multiple processes. And you can think of steps referencing the task in those instances.

When you create a new step. Pick the task type, there will be a drop down in the right pane that will allow you to select existing tasks.


Thanks for the details Dan_Bahir!

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