Ability to upload table definitions, and column settings, as json files or yaml file

The amount of time it takes to change table settings, column valid if formulas, show if, etc… is so frustrating. It would be easier to define the setting in a json format and upload.

In a way it’s possible actually. Provided you define key settings within a note in a JSON format with using the allowable AppSheet parameters before creating an app with that sheet or importing that sheet to AppSheet, AppSheet automatically read and set them in the column structure. There’s no documentation for this unfortunately and not sure if it’s advised or not. However, it’s possible up to a certain extent.

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Wait, are you saying add a note to a googlesheet, with the json in it? But this can only be done upon table creation, you can not use this method to update settings?

I can’t find the main post I was thinking of, but here are a few others that mention this hidden feature.

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Something like this for example:

Attributes_4{ Type = Enum
TypeAuxData = {
  "EnumValues": [],
  "AllowOtherValues": true,
  "AutoCompleteOtherValues": true,
  "BaseType": "Text",
  "BaseTypeQualifier": "{\r\n  \"MaxLength\": null,\r\n  \"MinLength\": null,\r\n  \"LongTextFormatting\": \"Plain Text\",\r\n  \"IsMulticolumnKey\": false,\r\n  \"Valid_If\": null,\r\n  \"Error_Message_If_Invalid\": null,\r\n  \"Show_If\": null,\r\n  \"Required_If\": null,\r\n  \"Editable_If\": null,\r\n  \"Reset_If\": null,\r\n  \"Suggested_Values\": null\r\n}",
  "EnumInputMode": "Stack",
  "Error_Message_If_Invalid": null,
  "Show_If": null,
  "Required_If": null,
  "Editable_If": null,
  "Reset_If": null,
  "Suggested_Values": null

A couple of years ago, there was an Aussie community guy, Jarrod, who had a bit aggressive mood and therefore banned from the community and he was very much obbessed with this. He had nearly begged me to construct a script/webhook for it. After his ban from the community, he had worked with some Indy coders but later on I believe his account was totally banned in AppSheet.

THAT’S why I can’t find the posts! I knew there were other posts about this.

Those posts were when this community was in Google Groups page. Not sure if the dev staff had imported all the google posts to discourse. Before that group was closing, I had created a publicly available Firebase webapp. Let me find the URL for ya. May be they are there - not sure though.

I was in the Google + group for the last year or so. Are all those posts still accessible? It would be cool if they were archived somewhere.

I have found the gSheet back-end of the app he had added me that time (though the app seems doesn’t exist anymore) but I took a copy of the sheet and here it is…Check the JSONs in the column headers :hugs:

Here ya go:

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lol seriously.

Here is my firebase webapp for the oldie goldie G+ community. You need to sign in with your Google account but I believe I may need to add your email to the auth pane as well. If somehow you can’t, just DM me with your email address, I will add for sure.

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For what @Jonathan_S?

Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

Provided you open the AppSheet Editor and directly regenerate the column structure, I believe your changes to those JSON notes will be applied. But updating column structure with this method could be quite messy and tricky. I have never tried myself.

Story about guy getting banned. must’ve been pretty disruptive

Dang… Dredging up the past… Hehehe, love it…

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This google sheet comment JSON stuff will auto-populate if you use the Google Form to Appsheet conversion tool, if you need that for examples. That is unless they stopped doing that, been a long time since I used it.

It’ll update when you do a regeneration on the table, which will also wipe out any setting edits that you made in the editor that aren’t reflected in those cell notes.

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@LeventK @GreenFlux

Hi guys! Sorry to jump into an old thread, but this has already addressed 99% of what I’m looking for…

Using the ‘note’ feature in Google Sheets is about to be a lifesaver for me as I need to duplicate an app for about 20 different clients. Manually setting so many complex column structures is a nightmare!

I have made this work for a number of different attributes EXCEPT column formulas. This is where I’m stuck:

“AppFormula”:“LOOKUP( [Email Address], “Subs_Jojo_Roster”, “email”, “Target TRAINING Carbs” )”

The settings for IsRequired and Type will translate to AppSheet correctly, but I cannot get “AppFormula” to generate. I’ve tried several variations with no luck

Could you provide any insight here? Save me 40 hours of time lol
Thank you all so much in advance!

Your inner quotes are breaking the outer quote of the JSON string, and creating an invalid JSON object.

Try changing all inner double quotes to single quotes (the top arrows).