Ability to view table-to-table references in the editor


Hi All. I am trying to fix some table references issues. If my memory is right, in the prior version of the Editor, the relationships between tables was viewable in the Table or Column tabs (I forgot which). Now I do not see that information displayed. I am finding the SPEC view a bit harder to work with if you have many elements, and really just needed a simple list of all the references between my tables. Is there a place to view this?

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

Hi @Mike

Just insert &OldEditor=True& parameter in the editor URL :slight_smile:


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Hi @LeventK - Nice workaround!
But I would think the old interface may become unsupported (and may disappear), I am wondering why the “Show relationships” capability was removed when the new editor interface was launched - an more importantly, does anyone else find this useful when troubleshooting more complicated applications?

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Hi @Mike
Well, you have a right and to be honest, I like the old editor more than the new one though it was a bit restrictive.

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