Ability to write custom functions

Though Appsheet has a considerably large collection of functions that meet most needs of basic and intermediate app creators; when the wings are tried to be stretched into more advanced fields like engineering, one has to stop.

It’s really great working with appsheet, the processes are so intuitive! The cherry on top would be to have the ability to write custom functions and an expansion of the math library. I surmise appsheet is already working on it.

I would like to expand on this, because it revolves around what I’ve been thinking as well.

As an example to the AppSheet devs, I have come up with an idea that could be implemented fairly easily. We’ve seen plenty of great ways to accomplish what would seem to be easy:
Get Index



I purpose a way to save these complex expressions into a local to the app only function. Using the first link as the example, we could define a new function called POSITION that will return a Number. Then we would need to define what required or optional inputs this function requires. We’ll need the item to find and the list to find it in, and optional a custom delimiter. And lastly we put the expression in just like any other expression. Finally, we would be able to use POSITION(item-to-find, in-this-list) anywhere in that app.

So, my ideal image of this, in an attempt to maybe get it implemented sooner, is nothing fancy. These custom functions would only be able to consist of other functions inside of AppSheet. Likewise, for security purposes and much like every other function, these would only have access to what data is passed to them.

Then all these little code snippets that get shared around here can get saved as new functions. Maybe a separate place for sharing ones that you’ve come up with. Maybe it requires a certain plan to be on to use.

I think within the next year, now that Google cloud is engaged, that your will see every function you can imagine… :slight_smile:

hi @Bahbus

Glad to see you are rightly grab the sense of this new expressions to get the index number out of the list. Yes, as you see , we could construct the logic to get the sort of similar expression like bottom(), and various other stuffs thanks to this expression.
I m busy enough now, yet working on those extended use of the function, but i m pretty much sure we are able to achieve bunch of other stuffs.

Pushing serial number dynamically for the slice ordered by a certain column either asc/desc is one of typical extension of the usage.

Swapping to order of the rows manually up and down. This can be done as well.

I will keep thinking about what sort of new things we can do.


I hope it will be the start of a whole new way of thinking about reusable components that can be referenced by any app, copied, updated/maintained. Being formulas, that means we could have parameters/arguments to make it truely resusable. That line of thinking in terms of parameters/arguments could be expanded to be used in Slices, View, Actions, Reports etc.