About detail view width

Detail viewport is currently very narrowed.
Does it have a setting? This width is not good at all. Please make it adjustable. The old version was more useful. Thanks.


Hi @Pointer
I believe they are working to improve this but I dont know when it will be fixed.



I also wait for response about this detail view width on desktop, as other. Hopefully it will get some attention fast as it kind of ruin the user experience on desktop. See also :


Hi all,

I’ve made a change that makes detail view the same with as form view… so this way we get consistency when changing views. It should be in production by now (this will only show for accounts under the rollout).

We will address desktop experience for detail view separately since there is a lot to be improved with that much real-estate we’re currently not taking advantage of.


I didn’t see any change, unfortunately,
The width problem creates a serious problem in my application that I have been using for a long time.
Please make the detail view larger for desktop pc. Thanks.

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I am also now seeing a super narrow detail view in an app that wasn’t previously affected.


Same as the two above me. Still showing narrow detail with wider form.

It’s cute though…

Hi Marc, That is a bit odd. Not sure why it would have started today. We didn’t deploy anything related to this since earlier last week. Did you open it last week and it was fine and now it is not today or have you not opened this app in a while and just noticed today after opening that the form width had changed?

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It is an app I use pretty much M-F every week. I use it to keep track of my personal timesheets. Of course last week was Christmas so usage was down a bit. Also it is just always open in a browser window, so perhaps was delayed in receiving any changes. But I did force a refresh and sync multiple times after noticing it and it hasn’t reverted back to original width yet.

Thank you Marc. I suspect you still had an old version of the bits that didn’t have the changes and then you received the updated bit.
Anyway we are working on addressing it and hope to release an update for it soon, but probably not until next week as we are slowing down daily refresh of bits this week, since we don’t have enough people in office for the remaining of the week.
I know it has negatively impacted many of you on your current flows and need to figure out how to address it in the best possible way with all eyes on this.


I guess there is still no update regarding this problem?