About Request of Payment


I am using the Appsheet as free. (until 10 users for every app)

But, now, Appsheet is requesting payment. My apps was blocked.

I created different apps for different users.

I always give access until 10 users for every apps. But, my apps was blocked.

Could you support me?


I believe you DEPLOYED app to your users, meaning you need to start to pay.


Dear [tsuji_koichi],

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I deployed my apps. My every apps have max 8 - 9 users.

Isn’t Appsheet free for up to 10 users?

Hello /Merhaba Mustafa,

1-You should have received a warning mail after deployed. They warned you to pay. I think you didn’t see the mail.

2- I think you haven’t read the topics below. Read these topics.

3- Try to make the deployed status of the application as Not Deployed, check what the result will be. (I have no experience in this matter)

4- The number of users is not important after the deployment. It doesn’t matter for 1, 10 or 100 users. You have to pay.

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Dear [Hacı Bayram TAĞ]

Thanks for the information,